Advertiser Tools

CJ Toolbox for Advertisers

With the most flexible and feature-rich user interface in the industry at your fingertips, advertisers can streamline day-to-day program management activities, help publishers create more dynamic website content to drive higher conversions and enjoy transaction monitoring in real time to optimize publisher partnerships.


Publisher Search: Search your managed publishers by program terms, status, group and track your recruitment information all within CJ Account Manager.


Bulk Uploads: Easily upload text links in bulk through a simple two step upload process via .csv file. 


Create Affiliate Links: Create banner, flash, text, content, advanced (dynamic, pop-ups, pop-unders), and product catalogs. You can also add link scheduling, assign events or limit access to certain publisher groups.


Deep Linking: Deep linking can increase conversions by enabling publishers to link directly to your individual product or service. Also known as "direct linking," deep linking allows publishers to take the user directly to a product or service page instead of the home page or category page. This improves user experience and increases the chance of an action being completed and commission earned.


Link Scheduling: Use link scheduling to specify a timeframe for your link and/or promotion to run.


Real-time Transaction Monitoring: CJ records all transactions in real-time so you can monitor activity on your account as it happens.


Report Options: Analyze your program performance by using the CJ Account manager Report Builder tool. Get detailed performance information by publisher, website, or affiliate link type, as well as all commission and transaction activity on your CJ account.


Product Catalog Datafeed: Advertisers utilizing CJ's Product Catalog functionality enable publishers to pull detailed information on thousands of products instantly, all inside one file. In addition to individual product links, publishers can easily push out valuable data, such as SKUs, sizes, colors and sale prices, to their websites and customers.


APIs/Web Services: Create a superior branding experience for your affiliate marketing programs and dramatically increase the effectiveness of publisher partnerships via CJ's programming resources. Advertiser-specific APIs enable you to brand the sign-up experience for publishers and securely provide them tools and resources you have developed, improving tool usability and publisher efficiency. Toolbox for Advertisers

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