Affiliate Customer Insights

Customer and Publisher performance data completely new to the Affiliate Channel.


Driving strategy through deeper data

Finally, a data driven solution to determining the value and loyalty of the affiliate customer and the effectiveness of partnerships with affiliate publishers, all in direct comparison to online and offline marketing efforts within your organisation.

How it Works



Customers, transactions, and actions are measured across multiple publishers


Determines whether it is associated with any CJ advertiser


Insight is gained and strategy is developed for optimal account management


The Reports



The Channel Insights report compares the buying trends and residual value of affiliate channel customers to non-affiliate channel customers. Based on this data, the average order value, subsequent orders, and associated revenue is compared in a clear way to determine how affiliate initiatives drive results for your business.


The Offline Impact report effectively measures the influence of clicks within the affiliate customer journey to in-store or on-site conversions. Customers may click on an affiliate link during their purchase research process, but may not be ready to make a purchase at that moment. Rather than ignore this influence, by combining affiliate click data with customer specific purchase data, these interactions can be measured and acted upon over time.


The New To File report analyzes the percentage of unique new customers acquired through the affiliate channel vs. non-affiliate channels and the associated revenue of those transactions. With this insight, advertisers will be able to compare the performance of multiple channels with the specific goal of new customer acquisition.


Powerful, Proprietary, Personal

Only CJ Affiliate has the ability to provide this new level of visibility into the performance of the affiliate marketing channel. We believe that affiliate customers and the revenue that is generated from their initial and ongoing purchases is exceptionally valuable to the sustained growth of your business both online and offline. Affiliate Customer Insights merges affiliate marketing initiatives with all other marketing initiatives and delivers transparent data in one place. By gaining this insight and developing strategy, affiliate programs are managed more effectively, positive consumer behaviors are accelerated, and negative consumer behaviors are improved and changed.

It’s time for your organisation, and you the marketer, to be informed and empowered to do better.



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