By 2015, mobile marketing in the U.S. will generate $400 billion compared to $139 billion in 2012. What are you doing to increase your mobile marketing efforts?

– Jones, Kelsey. “The 2014 Mobile Landscape: 25 Statistics That Will Drive The Future of Mobile Marketing” Search Engine Journal. 2/12/14.

CJ’s App Engagement Solution evolves the way that advertisers track app-based transactions–installs, sign-ups, and sales–and how they in turn reward publishers for driving new consumers and incremental revenue.

APP Engagement Features



Enhanced SDKs:

iOS and Android Platforms


Multiple-Event Tracking:

Installs, leads, email submits, and sales down to the SKU level



Web-to-App and Mobile Web-to-App




Action detail reporting in the CJ Account Manager


Developer Site:

Access to technical documentation, SDKs, and CJ’s web services


The Options



  1. Browser-less: Streamlined user-experience
  2. Browser-based (default): 100% accuracy
  3. Fallback: Browser-less default with Browser-based enabled if necessary


  1. Device Name
  2. Operating System
  3. Browser
  4. Tablet
  5. Model
  6. Coupon

App Engagement Benefits


  • Promotes in-app mobile experience
  • Engages new audiences via both iOS and Android apps
  • Drives app installs to increase brand awareness
  • Attracts app-focused publishers who generate incremental revenue
  • Leverages existing affiliates to drive brand awareness and revenue

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