Full Program Management

World class. Top shelf. Five star. Full affiliate program management.

Created for advertisers that want a fully outsourced affiliate program management solution. Let our expert affiliate services teams work with you to understand your business goal, create effective program growth strategies, execute daily tasks, create reports, and deliver insight into what’s working well and where program improvements can be made.

  • Account set-up and launch support
  • CJ platform and publisher network access
  • Assigned help & support representative
  • Publisher recruiting & optimization
  • Business goals and program strategy alignment
  • Execution of all affiliate program management tasks
  • Customized analysis, insights and recommendations
As one of Canada’s fastest growing shopping destinations, Coupons.ca relies on CJ for its best in class relationship management, robust reporting, and access to working with top-tier advertisers. CJ knows how to strategically bring publishers and advertisers together, making it possible for both parties to simultaneously grow their businesses.

– Rachel Mishner, Coupons.ca

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