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Like anything in life and especially in business, affiliate marketing takes time, research, and dedication. You wouldn’t simply sign a commercial lease and open a brick and mortar store without solid business plan and ample time (and money) to invest; the same goes for affiliate marketing.

We believe the CJ Network provides the technology, tools and the relationship connections you need to become a best-in-class affiliate program, but we can’t do it all for you. Below are some suggestions to help you make sure you and your website are ready to rock affiliate.

Advertiser Requirements

Even the best affiliate programs are continually challenged with new business models and pressed to create more revenue while lowering costs. And with any business strategy, if you don't consistently apply best practices to your tactical efforts, you're likely to have disappointing results.

Below are a few things to consider before entering affiliate marketing as an advertiser:

Define Yourself and Your Program

What type of advertiser vertical do you fall under: Consumer Products? Health and Beauty? Special Interests? Do you have a strategy mapped out with specific benchmarks? What goals are you hoping your affiliate campaign will accomplish: Increase sales? Increase brand awareness? Increase it all? Will you focus on Loyalty & Rewards publishers or are Search publishers more likely a better promotional method for your business? Make sure you and your team have clearly defined goals and strategies on what you hope to accomplish with your pay-for-performance program.

  • Select a Vertical
  • Create a Strategy
  • Promotional Method
  • Define a team

Ready Your Website

Be honest – when was the last time you took a long, hard critique of your website? Are your pages optimized? How's your load times? Photography professional or pixelated? Are your graphics and overall design crisp and clean, or intern-level likeable? Can you provide deep links directly to products? What about a product catalog feed? How's your customer checkout experience? You need to be able to answer these questions (and many more) honestly before starting down the pay-for-performance path. A slow page load time can be a customer experience killer and poor graphics or website functionality will be unattractive to your website visitors just as much as to the publishers who will be considering promoting you.

  • Optimize your website
  • Professional Design
  • Product Catalog Feed
  • Shopping Cart

Select Your Program Resources

Having a professional design and optimized website are keys to a successful advertiser affiliate program, but unless you have the bandwidth and internal support to drive and scale your program, it can fizzle fast. Do you have the technology to produce and distribute the creative (links, banner ads and content) you'll need to provide to publishers? What about having an affiliate manager on staff to review applications, push promotions and keep communication consistent with your publisher base? You can't go affiliate alone and will need to make sure you have a team and the technology in place so you can realistically grow your pay-for-performance program.

  • Creative Assets
  • Program Manager

Full Program Management

For some advertisers, they might already have this in-house team in place, or are ready to create one. For others, CJ's Full Program Management solution provides advertisers the ability to have CJ fully launch, maintain and optimize their affiliate program with the industry expertise that comes along with being the number one affiliate marketing network in the world.

  • Dedicated CJ Support
  • Offer & Pricing Strategies
  • Creative Optimization & Upload
  • Much More!