Pay for Performance

CPA is in our DNA

Affiliate marketing is based largely on Cost Per Action (CPA), a performance-based pricing model, where advertisers only pay when a specified action has been completed (e.g. a purchase, form submission, hotel booking, printed coupon, app download). That’s why affiliate marketing can achieve such a high ROI – a low risk, high value pricing model at its core.

We believe in creating equitable partnerships between advertisers and publishers and aligning incentives to achieve powerful results. With more than a decade of experience in affiliate marketing, we are experts at helping advertisers reach more potential customers, increase sales and drive meaningful results on pay for performance-based pricing models.

  • Experts in pay for performance marketing
  • All major performance-based pricing models
  • Last Click and View-Through tracking capabilities
  • Revenue-share and flat rate commissions
Why Affiliate? According to eMarketer, 46% of marketers consider affiliate marketing to be “very cost effective” as it relates to customer acquisition, second only to email.

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