Product Data Feed Optimization

The new face of product feeds that drives up-up-up and to the right

A robust and well maintained product feed is a must for a successful affiliate program, yet many are poorly constructed and infrequently updated. The lack of quality in client-provided affiliate data feeds is a frequent complaint and the biggest opportunity for growth identified by our Publisher Advisory Board. Is yours where it should be?

After partnering with CJ to create and optimize their product feed, a top-tier retail client saw 46% growth in revenue, 29% increase in items sold and a 34% lift in conversion rate.

Our dedicated product catalog service team will work with you to develop a strategy and execute upon it so you can reduce the amount of time, money, and effort required to manage a successful affiliate data feed. Our scalable solutions will start to distribute high-quality data across multiple channels, freeing up your resources and improving your ROI. Whether you are showcasing all your products, highlighting best sellers, or providing any other subset of data, our dedicated service team can create an affiliate optimized feed tailored to your unique specifications and manage it for maximum use by your publishers.

  • Dedicated service team that supports clients with developing strategy and executing
    upon it
  • Vastly improve your data quality and relevancy to consumers
  • Reduce data-related headaches with scalable optimization techniques
  • Gain new publisher relationships and grow existing ones
  • Benefit from our experience and insight into publisher’s wants and needs

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