Display advertising on CPA is here

Display advertising is effective in driving online sales, and pay-for-performance advertising lets you pay only for results through conversion tracking. ViewThrough gets you the best of both: the distribution and branding power of display advertising with the accountability and ROI of a pay for performance program.

ViewThrough ad tracking brings display advertising to performance based campaigns, allowing you to reach upstream influencer websites and content producers on a CPA basis, while learning which of your ads are driving sales and leads.

With ViewThrough, CJ quantifies the transactional effectiveness of your display ad impressions. When a user completes a lead or sale, we determine the last impression of your ad they saw, or the link they clicked on, before they came to an advertiser’s website and completed a sale or lead. Clicks always trump impressions, but in the absence of a click, the publisher who displayed that last impression is paid the commission.

  • Expand your reach and increase distribution to content websites not generally in affiliate networks
  • Optimize your campaign performance based on how users are responding to your display ads, even when they don't click
  • Determine where it is best to advertise for maximizing your over-all conversions

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