CJ Content Solution

A suite of tools and services designed for publishers who want to monetise content on their sites and advertisers who want to promote their products via content publishers.

Save time, increase opportunity, scale faster.


  • Content Certified Program

    Jumpstarts relationships between pre-qualified content publishers and category-specific advertisers looking to expand their brands within quality environments.



  • View-Through Action Tracking

    Extends advertisers’ distribution sources and rewards publishers for influential impressions served.


  • Vertical management services (VMS)

    For publishers that don’t meet Content Certified Program criteria but fit into certain content and business verticals, VMS provides advertiser recruitment support and a monthly newsletter with relevant advertiser updates.

    For more info and to join one of our vertical groups, please send us an e-mail at info.se@cj.com.



  • Product Widgets

    Simplify the search for advertiser products and the creation of slideshow banners in IAB sizes, store grids, or collages. Features include easy drag-and-drop functionality and related reporting.



  • Deep Link Generator

    Allows publishers to generate a deep link in seconds, without logging on to the interface.

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  • Deep Link Automation

    Monetises all CJ Advertiser-related hyperlinked content instantly with a single line of JavaScript placed on a CJ Publisher’s website.

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  • Publisher Profile

    Allows advertisers to make better-informed partnership decisions via detailed descriptions of publishers’ businesses and promotional opportunities.



  • Publisher Recruitment Tool

    Gives CJ advertisers new filters and search features to find relevant publishers fast, while publishers receive more exposure and partnership offers.


CJ's Deep Link Generator streamlines Chippmunk's link creation and publishing activities. Now our editors quickly generate targeted deep links to favorite products while browsing through CJ retailers—leading to increased efficiency and a better experience for our users.

Brian Nickerson
Co-Founder & CEO




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